President’s Message – January 2023

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. With plenty of free time now we can reminisce about another great year.

It sure did go by fast. Let’s get on with 2023 and make it better than 2022. Don’t forget to read the Greensheet concerning our winter meeting day and time that has changed. Be sure to highlight the third Saturday of January, February and March on your calendars.

I hope to see you at 9:00 a.m. on January 21, 2023 at the Bonfield
Lions Club Hall for our January membership meeting. Keep everyone that is experiencing health problems or has lost loved ones in your prayers.
Be safe everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – December 2022

If you don’t like a roller coaster then you probably don’t like the fall temps we’ve had. It seems like spring during the day and winter at night. I guess the best thing about it is every warm day we have gets us another day closer to spring. I hope everyone had a wonderful meal on Thanksgiving Day with
family or friends. Since Christmas is coming quickly I must remind everyone that the CIGC annual meeting and Christmas party will be on December 14th, 6:00 pm at the Bonfield Lions club hall. Don’t forget those items for the silent auction. It’s your meal ticket! Read the Greensheet for more details. Hope to see all of you there! Let’s keep everyone who have lost loved ones and those who are ill and unable to enjoy Christmas with us in our Prayers.

Be safe everyone and enjoy the holidays.
Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – November 2022

I hope everyone enjoyed the fall and have completed the harvest. Things moved along very quickly in the fields this year and the activities of October are just a memory. This year the fall colors came early and disappeared even faster as did the warm weather, too. So here we are in November, another busy month with Thanksgiving a few weeks away. We all have many things to be thankful for. Our homes, the bridges and roads we use every day, aren’t blown up and we didn’t have to maneuver the combine around craters left by bombs or missiles. We can thank our Veterans for our Freedom.
Be sure to honor our Veterans on November 11th. Bring your appetite to our potluck on the 16th. Hope you Rsvp’d!

Please don’t forget our Christmas party on December 14th. Keep in mind that the 14th is the second week of December. You’ll have to come to our November potluck meeting, read the Greensheet and emails for further details. Mark those calendars and start buying some items for the Christmas silent auction.

Be sure to remember those that have lost loved ones or are experiencing health issues.
Be safe everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – October 2022

I’m sure everyone has been a little chilled lately but it is fall time in October.

Do you remember what you were saying when it was 90 degrees? It’s all good and we have it much better than many living elsewhere. Harvest is moving along well as everyone hopes for and watch out for those farm vehicles. When you’re finished with harvesting there’s some homework to tend to. Since the trees are coloring a bit due to the frosty mornings and dry weather get your rakes ready. Trim back the perennials and water shrubs, trees and evergreens. It’s really dry. Evergreens need water year-round to survive and support that green when it’s this dry. Trees drop leaves but the roots are still growing and looking for nutrients and water. Chop up leaves and apply turf winterizer fertilizer. Sit down and read the greensheet Now back to the Club stuff. We picked up some new members at RTR and Rodney’s plow day this year which entitles them to our newsletter and enjoying our Club activities in 2022. We hope they will sign on with us in December to enjoy the 2023 events with us. Our October membership meeting is Oct 19, 2022 at Bonfield Lions Club Hall at 7:00 pm. Our annual November potluck is November 16, 2022 at Bonfield Lions Club Hall at 6:00 pm. Members may bring desserts the meal is furnished by the Club. RSVP by October 19th please and contact Ann Roach or Jim Moody. Keep in mind that our Christmas party will be at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall this year on December 14th. Please remember our families that have lost loved ones and everyone that is ill. I hope to see you all at our upcoming events. Stay alert when driving as farm traffic and Bambi’s are everywhere since it’s that time of year.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – September 2022

Here we are in September with another Ride the River behind us. It was great and everyone had a wonderful day. We proved once again that a little rain never hurts anyone. Many countless hours were put into the planning and execution of the ride by the Members that helped. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks to all of our sponsors for your support of the ride. A big Thanks to the Kankakee County Fair for a place to stage the ride. The Azzarelli Family (Mt. Langham) and Ag Reliant in Aroma Park for the space to have our morning break stops. Thank you to the Stauffenberg Family for inviting us to enjoy lunch at their farm and see their beautifully restored IH tractor collection. Ride the River wouldn’t exist without everyone that signed up to participate. Whether you attended or not, you will enjoy a club membership through December. We added this perk to say Thanks.

We’re looking forward to you renewing it with us by January 2023.
If you didn’t attend RTR you are still entitled to the RTR hat. You can pick it up at Plow Day or at our next meeting.

Looking ahead to Rodney’s plow day on September 10th Please be sure to sign up early as Rodney needs a head count for lunches. Call Jim Moody at 815-549-8127 or email Our next membership meeting is September 21st at 7:00 pm at Bonfield Lions Club Hall.

Don’t forget to keep our members and friends in your Prayers that are ill or have lost loved a loved one.

I hope to see you all soon!
Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – August 2022

It’s amazing and true how fast time flies when you are having fun. July had plenty of it to offer. County Fairs, plow days, tractor rides and shows and the club meetings in between. Now let’s do it all again in August! The Kankakee County Fair was August 3-7th.

I hope you stopped in at the CIGC tractor display and saw Chuck Quick and the wonderful job he has once again done to make this display a big success. He had plenty of the pedal tractor raffle tickets to sell. And don’t forget to sign up for Ride the River coming up on August 20, 2022. August 10th is the deadline to sign up. Our next membership meeting is August 17th at 7:00 pm at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall. Bring some friends along. We will be discussing the ride and everyone’s responsibilities. A quick reminder to everyone is that the Central States Threshermen’s Show is September 1-7th, which features International Harvester and Graham Bradley. Check the Greensheet for other scheduled events this month. Keep everyone in your Prayers that may have lost loved ones or are recovering from illness. I hope to see all of you on the 17th.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – July 2022

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather. It’s been quite a change from this spring. The tractor rides have been great and the good weather has helped a lot. This year is no different than others for things to do. There’s something for everyone to choose from.

Many of our members belong to the Will County Thresherman’s Club. Don’t forget their show July 21-24 at The Spiess Farm. Ride the River on August 20th will be here before you know it. Most of the planning is done and the route is set. It’s going to be another great one.

If your planning on riding we need your application and entry fees as soon as possible. August 10th is the deadline. We rely on head count to order hats and meals. We can always use additional help with this event. Let me know if you are interested. Our next CIGC membership meeting is July 20th, 7:00pm at Bonfield Lions Club Hall. Please don’t forget to include those who are dealing with illnesses or loss of loved ones in your Prayers. Let us know so the Club can mention this at our meeting and send a card. I hope to see all of you at our next meeting.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – June 2022

Hello Members and Friends!
I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. I want to say Thank You to all Veterans who have served and those serving our Country and their families. And never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. So here we are in June already. I’m sure we can all agree this has been a challenging spring. As always things will get better.
We just have to think positive and keep on going. If it rains, sit back and read the Greensheet. There’s a lot of important things coming up to do. And if you are hungry check out Mary’s Good News and strap on the apron. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Our next membership meeting is June 15 @ 7:00pm @ the Bonfield Lions Cub Hall. Bring some friends with you. Don’t forget we have the RTR application forms.
Secure your spot early on another great ride. All proceeds support CIGC. Say a Prayer for those who have lost loved ones and our Members who can’t attend due to health issues. Stay safe everyone and I’ll see you on the 15th.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – May 2022

I’m sure by now we’ve all had enough rain and cloudy days.
Sunshine and summer-like temps are forecast and they are definitely a welcome sight. Another welcome sight will be all of the delicious dishes and desserts our members will be bringing to our potluck meeting on May 18th. CIGC will supply the chicken and drinks.
Be at the Bonfield Lions Hall at 6:00 pm. with your appetite.
Recently we lost two members – Don Buck and Jerry Tibbs. Send a card and please keep their families in your prayers. A few prayers or a card for our members that are ill and/or recovering from illnesses would be much appreciated as well. Keep your eye on the Greensheet and check out all the events coming up. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.
Don’t forget we have plenty of raffle tickets available for the pedal tractor to purchase or sell.
If you have some friends bring them to a meeting and let’s get them on our membership list.
I hope to see all of you on the 18th.
Dave Wehrmann