President’s Message – February 2024

I hope everyone had a safe January. I’m happy to see January behind us. We survived a winter month of temperature extremes with a taste of spring, fall and winter. We’ve got a way to go yet before spring but everyday gets a little longer and hopefully milder. Just remember from past experiences don’t bet on those groundhogs.

Just another reminder that our next membership meeting will be April 17, 2024. Our next Directors meeting will be March 27, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at Craig’s.

Do you know of any new events for 2024? Now is not too early to bring them to our attention. There are a lot of upcoming events already listed in the Greensheet. Get your dates to Craig ASAP so they don’t get left out.

Does anyone want to take a ride? Now is the time to bring your ideas to my attention so the planning can begin. 2024 is looking good for some club tractor rides since there will not be a Rantoul show this year. This will free up that weekend for us.

Recently Jim Morgan and I delivered the second half of the approved donations of pop and individually wrapped snack cakes to the Manteno Veterans Home. This will always be appreciated by them. I sincerely hope we will continue to make these donations. Let’s never forget our Veterans and keep them in your prayers. Whether active or not they have all dedicated their lives to make ours safer and now they need us to make theirs a bit better.

As always, I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Keep those in your prayers that have lost loved ones or are ill.

To all Directors, we have a lot to talk about at the March Directors meeting. Is there something you have on your mind that you want on the agenda? Please call me, text or email. I’ll look forward to seeing our members in April.

Dave Wehrmann

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