October 2018 President’s Message

I hope this letter finds you all safe and nearly complete in you Fall Harvest. This year has really presented a lot of challenges for all of us locally. There are many activities to partake in this Fall. Plow days for our Club as well as some others. The Saturday coffee and donut get togethers are coming too. If you haven’t already seen them, Ron Lukow has posted some pictures of our Ride the River. They are quite good. You can find them by going to: Ron Lukow’s Ride the River Photo Page.

Remember, if you collected money for RTR, we have Thank you letters to be delivered. –– Craig

August 2018 President’s Message

With only a few days left before Ride the River, there is still time to jump in here. We need sponsorships, riders and workers. I hope everyone has examined what they can do for the Club and feels the need to contribute. Recently we have added a ninth FFA Chapter in St. Anne, IL. We are now dividing by 9 all of the proceeds to the Chapters. It makes it that much more important to gather as many sponsors, riders and donations as possible.

On another note, I’m hoping everyone is having a great summer and has participated in some of the activities around us. Thanks to everyone who manned the Club trailer at Will County Thresherman’s and I am looking for whom ever may be taking it to Pontiac. The gathering of the Orange at Pontiac is a great opportunity for us to sell raffles and product there. Don’t forget that the 98th Herscher Parade is on September 3rd and you must send in an application. Some unfinished business of the Club will occur on Sept 2nd from 10 till 3 at the Herscher State Bank. The Wheels part of the Squeals and Wheels was rained out and our Club has agreed to help judge for them. No tractors this time as room may be an issue. Not long after the Labor Day has passed on September 8th we will be plowing at Rodney Schwark’s. Pray for rain and bring a plow and an appetite. I’m sure Rodney would appreciate some participation there. On September 9th is Ann’s tractor Ride in Beaverville and Pull in the Park in Chebanse starting at noon. I’m sure I have forgotten something but you all can remind me at the meeting August 15 in Bonfield. –– Craig

July 2018 President’s Message

By the time you read your July Greensheet, July and the Summer will be one half over. Green Club members have been very busy. A large enough contingent went to the Covered Bridge Ride in Rockville, IN that CIGC was again the dominant Club and won the Club award. I have to say that as many times as I have been there, this was one of the best. The weather was cooperative, the tractors moved along well and we saw some new territory. If you haven’t been in a while you should consider it for next year. A few Shows have already occurred including Thee Olde Time Farm Show. Let me tell you it was the hottest show of the season in many ways. It was a Deere year and featured John Evans, Jim Hubly and Denny Jepson as the remaining founding members. John and Nancy brought 14 tractors and several garden tractors. The lot included John’s numbered series 40 through 80 with a couple of 70 diesels thrown in. Several other Club members’ remarkable tractors were also in attendance. The saw mill was up and running as was the sheller. CIGC provided a shortened version of Tractor Games as it was so blinking hot. Thanks to Club members Jerry Long, Les Piper and Dave Wehrmann for helping me in the heat and thanks to our participants. On Sunday the tractor pull was the big news. And a big thanks go out to those who braved the heat to work in our tent. The Bonfield 4th of July was also hotter than a firecracker, literally. While waiting for the parade we all got a little shower compliments of Mother Nature. The parade goers were not scared off by a little heat and humidity. Check out our Green Club Facebook page to see some of the smiling faces. The tractor pulls were very good and lasted till after 6 pm. A good time was had by all. I&I and Will County are up next. I still have no volunteers to man the trailer at either event. So, we should be working on donations to the Ride the River event. We have room for many, many more. Jim Moody and Carol are keeping the records of donations and riders and meals. I will be sending out personal thank you cards to all who donate so please make sure we have an address and a contact for the donation. We decided at the June meeting that members could bring a water donation to the July meeting to help offset some of the cost. The Directors will meet for the last time August 8th at 6 pm at my residence to put the final touches on Ride the River. PS Thanks to Chad Miller at the Kankakee Farm Bureau Office for the front-page coverage of the RTR event in the Farm Bureau News Paper.

June 2018 President’s Message

This is the busiest time of the year for tractor enthusiasts. Covered Bridge is up first for me and several other CIGC members. Right behind that is the Olde Time Farm Show featuring John Deere. It will feature members John Evans, Denny Jepson and not a member but still a good guy, Jim Hubly. John is bringing his numbered series. Some other Club members are trying to build the 20 Series and 30 Series for display. It should be fun. I will need some help on Saturday at 2 pm as CIGC has agreed to present the Tractor Games. It should also be fun. On the heals of OTFS, the Bonfield Fourth of July Celebration will occur including the Parade, tractor show and best of all, the tractor pull. Last year’s event was a really good time and a lot of members participated in many of the events. I’ll have some flyers. Historic Farm Days in Penfield will be 8 days later featuring Oliver National Summer Show. This event is always a good time and features harvesting, plowing and 2 nights of tractor pulling. On July 14th the Herscher Squeals and Wheels event happens in downtown Herscher. The features are a Car Show which CIGC helps judge, tractors and a barbeque cook off. All monies are donated to local area charities. Come join the fun. Just a week later is Will County Thresherman’s at the Spies farm in Wilton Center, IL. There will be the Show and demonstrations, tractor pull and the 6th Annual Peotone Educational Foundation and Peotone FFA Tractor Ride. That’s a mouth full. The ride benefits the FFA from Peotone Schools. The Peotone FFA Alumni will feature a ride of about 34 miles leaving from WCTA’s site and ending with a pork chop dinner. The cost is $65 including lunch (additional lunches available ($15). Call or email Jim Robbins at 815-592-8293 or jimrobbins@urbancom.net to reserve your spot. July 28th is the CIGC Ride to the Veteran’s. We will leave John Evan’s home in Bonfield and end at Manteno Veteran’s home. (I need someone to pull the trailer there). Come join us for lunch even if you don’t ride. Ride the River August 25th will frame our Summer. I still need volunteers to do odd jobs, nothing to strenuous just those pesky details. I need you guys and gals to step up a little on the Sponsors. Remember the reason we are doing this is to support our local FFAs. Smile for the camera and I’ll see you out there.  –– Craig

2018 Barnyard Class Tractor Pull Events

If you have an antique tractor and wish to participate in a tractor pull, we have put together a list of events that are hosting a tractor pull.  These events have classes for smaller traditional antique tractors and are quite a bit of fun to watch and participate in.  

Here is the most most current list of 2018 events for our area:  2018 Barnyard Tractor Pulls

(uploaded 2018-05-23)

May 2018 Presidents Message

Summer finally arrived in a big way. I don’t know when I have seen so much corn planted in such a little time. Hopefully everyone will finish planting by the next meeting so we can have some Tractor fun. There will be shows, rides and parades all summer long. Come join the fun. On April 25th the CIGC Directors met at my home. We discussed the Greensheet newsletter after
Kathy’s passing. I spoke to Mr. Weber directly who assures me that Weber Printing will continue to be our printer and that other employees will be stepping up to make it happen. At the Directors meeting we also talked about the slow sales on the pedal tractor and hay wagon and that we need to step that up at the Shows in order to meet our goals. That topic brought out a discussion on the locations that the trailer will be for the summer. We are sure that the trailer will be at OTFS, WCTA, the Veteran’s home and Pontiac. We encourage anyone who would like to bring it to any of the other shows to let Craig know. Speaking of OTFS, we have agreed to provide the Tractor Games on Saturday, June 30th around 2 pm after the pedal tractor pull. We will need a few helpers to set up and run the games. We will again leave from John Evan’s Home for the Vet’s Ride, more will be said at our meeting on times. I also need someone to take the trailer. The remainder of the evening was spent identifying tasks and assigning duties for Ride the River. Many of the Directors will have several duties that Club Members can help with. We will talk more about that as we get closer to the Ride. Lastly, we talked about possibly having another swap meet at the Evans farm in the Spring of ‘19.  –– Craig

April 2018 President’s Message

As I look out my window this morning there is about 2 inches of new snow on the ground and we have yet to put two decent days together since winter came. Bah Humbug! I really hope Spring is still coming. Our March meeting featured Alan Baker owner of Kankakee Starter and Alternator Service. His information was well received and we all appreciate him coming to our meeting. Thanks Alan! On March 31st approximately 22 Club members arrived at Rodney’s for Coffee, donuts and great tractor bench racing. For those of you who have not been to Rodney’s lately it really was a treat. You will get another chance this Fall when we will plow at Rodney’s. The first tractor ride of the season was last Saturday in a lot of sunshine but oh, that wind. It really is time to think about our good weather activities. We will have our Club ride on June 2nd with the Herscher Historical Society Ham and Bean Lunch. I just received a listing of all the Barnyard Class Pulling Events for the year. There are 11 listed so far this year. Art will help us keep up to date on this. It has generated some excitement especially among the young. The first 2 listed are Thee Olde Time Farm Show and the Bonfield 4th of July Celebration. We will get a list. Remember, Our Ride the River Event will come on the last weekend of Summer, August 25th. It will be here before you know it. We will be looking for sponsors to help us make our goal. Remember that at the end of the event the goal is to support our local FFA students and help them finance their future projects and education. Several CIGC members and I assisted at the Kids Day at the Farm event where approximately 1200 4th grade children passed through over 2 days. The displays were quite interesting and I do believe it was the first time some of the children had contact with farm animals. I felt that it was time well spent. Thanks to the members who helped. Don’t forget to charge those batteries before attempting to start! See you in May.  

–– Craig

March 2018 President’s Message

This is our last meeting of the winter months. I have a guest speaker scheduled who has spoken in front of CIGC before. His name is Alan Baker and he is the owner of Kankakee Starter and Alternator Service, 1035 S. Schulyer Ave., Kankakee, IL 60901 815-939-3590. Alan and I discussed that he spoke to our Club more than 10 years ago! Alan will be bringing some new information about modern batteries, conversions to from 6 volts to 12 and the availability of parts for our tractors. He spoke recently and the Slow Boys and I heard it was a very informative evening.

Moving on to Kids Day at the Farm, the program will be Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22 at the Kankakee County Fairgrounds. Setup on Wednesday, March 21 will begin at 8 am. The students are at the program from 10 am to 2 pm. The cleanup begins around 2 pm on Thursday, March 22 and help is appreciated. Contact Chad at ankfb@sbcglobal.com or 815-932-7471. If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know ahead of time. I will have a signup sheet at the meeting. Your time is valuable to the project and what better way to support
our mission. I will see you there.

I have begun the process to convert our Club to a 501C3. I have received the paperwork and have decided to pair up with Anthony Settle who will be performing the same service for Olde Time Farm Show.

Brad Eike and I will be at the Seneca FFA High School toy show with our pedal tractor on March 24 from 9am till end if anyone cares to join with us. It’s a nice show with some tractors on display just in case you have a little Spring Fever. We have a new member, Calvin Bisping from the New Lenox area. Please welcome him aboard.

–– Craig

Ride the River 2018

Ride the River is back!  Tractor enthusiasts from all over are invited to bring their tractors and participate in the 2018 “Ride the River” Vintage Tractor Ride, scheduled for Saturday, August 25, 2018.

The goal of this event is to raise funds to help support students of the Central, Dwight, Herscher, Iroquois West, Manteno, Peotone, River Valley, and Tri Point FFA chapters, while providing tractor riders with an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Kankakee River Valley.

Our Goal in 2018 is to once again help ensure the continued growth for our local FFA Chapters. This year on August 25, 2018 we will present Ride The River 2018.

If you are interested in riding you can get an entry form on our web site or for more info contact Craig Long, Central Illinois Green Club President, 815-263-7008.

February 2018 President’s Message

Most of the members know that I have been aligning some of our positions with Chad Miller and the Kankakee County Farm Bureau. The reason is very simple. Chad and the Farm Bureau have been looking out for our interest in this very troubling time on the farm. Topics such as land acquisitions by the government and or utilities, water shed, chemical retention and relations with our government officials are very important. But the other side of the Bureau is that they support great ideas that we have in common with our Club. Part of our mission statement states that we will educate people to preserve our way of life. Since 2002 we have been working toward those mission goals with scholarships though KCC, donations to local FFA’s and donations to other Clubs who we have common goals with. I want to remind everyone that scholarship applications being taken currently to the Kankakee County Farm Bureau Foundation offering financial support to those furthering their education in an agriculturally related field of study. Last year, nine $1000 scholarships were awarded to Kankakee County students . If you have a son, daughter, grand child or just know a senior who has needs, you can contact Chad at kankfb@sbcglobal.com or 815-932-7471.

All that being said, The Club has supported Kids Day at the Farm since Eldon Chapman brought the idea to the Club. We have contributed $250 again this year to help promote the event. This year Chad has asked the Club if there are some volunteers at the Club who could help them manage some 1500 students that will pass through on the two-day event. Here are his needs.

The program will be Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22 at the Kankakee County fairgrounds. Setup on Wednesday, March 21 will begin at 8 am and we will need help with that. The students are at the program from 10 am to 2 pm and we will need assistance with a variety of things during that time frame as well. The cleanup begins around 2 pm on Thursday, March 22 and help is appreciated with that too.

Here is a breakdown of the volunteer roles we need to fill:

1. Setup tables and chairs, and other materials on Weds, March 21 at 8 am to 10 am. Also, ssistance with putting together animal pens for the animal building. There are five animal exhibits.

2. Assist with getting students off the school buses as they arrive. Both Weds, March 21 and Thurs, March 22 at around 9 am to 10 am. Each classroom will have a large box filled with their
lunches. That large box will have to be taken from the bus and brought into the main building.

3. Keeping time in the animal building. An instruction sheet will be provided. This would be from 10 am to 2 pm on both Weds and Thurs.

4. Tearing down the tables, chairs, sweeping, and general cleaning up after the program is done at 2 pm on Thursday. Depending on how many FFA students we have helping, it may be that we need a few additional volunteers to guide the classrooms around from presentation to presentation. That would be both days (Weds and Thurs). If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know ahead of time. I will have a signup sheet at the February meeting. Your time is valuable to the project and what better way to support our mission.   –– Craig