President’s Message – June 2023

The May CIGC potluck meeting was a great success. The food was excellent and the huge selection of desserts supplied by the members were wonderful. If you missed it then be sure to mark November 15th for the next one. The 2023 tractor season is getting very busy and there’s plenty things to do.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy somewhere. Our annual visit to the Manteno Veterans Home will be more enjoyable for everyone since we can park the tractors in the same manner along the sidewalk this year. Keep in mind CIGC June meeting is the 21stat 7:00 p.m. at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall. If you have an event to add to our newsletter, contact Craig Long. By now I hope everyone has secured their lodging for the long distance shows. Please keep our friends dealing with health issues in your Prayers.
Don’t forget those who have lost loved ones. I

’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting.
Bring some friends along with you.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – May 2023

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I wrote the last one. I hope everyone is getting the fields planted. Here we are in May and the weather has been a real challenge for most. Our tractor show and ride season is just around the corner and the calendar is filling up fast. Have you secured a room yet? If not, and you have to change your plans, please remember the upcoming CIGC ride(s) and the other local club events. Our local events can be enjoyed without stressing over a room reservation. Keep an eye on the Greensheet for local dates. Our May potluck meeting is on the 17th at 6:00 p.m., at Bonfield Lions Club Hall. You must RSVP with Ann. The meal and drinks will be provided by the Club at no cost to you and you may bring a dessert if you wish. Please keep those who are ill or have lost loved ones in your Prayers. Keep safety first at all times if you are operating the machinery or just observing it in the field or in the road. Hope to see you all on the 17th.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – April 2023

It’s officially spring but it seems like winter as we still get some evenings in the 20’s. We’ve made it to April again so the planters will be rolling soon. Thankfully we’ve got a good amount of rain throughout the winter months. It should be a good start for germination when the soil warms up. It’s a great sight to see as the rows of seedlings start breaking ground and the fields seem to become endless rows of green again.

I want to remind everyone our April membership meeting will be Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 pm, Bonfield Lions Club Hall. A Directors meeting will be April 12th at 6:00 pm. Craig’s Ranch and nourishment will be served.

We have many great events to look forward to this year. Keep an eye on the Greensheet as more are added all the time. Let Craig or myself know if you know of something we should add to our list.
Don’t forget the businesses advertising in the Greensheet. Give them a call before you shop anywhere else. Don’t forget, just the cost of a membership is all it takes to advertise all year. That also applies to For Sale or Wanted ads, (no commission!) either.

As we all carry on with our busy lives, let’s not forget those who no longer can join us at our meetings and events. No matter what they’ve contributed or continue to contribute to this Club, it will always be appreciated and never forgotten. Always remember to support our Veterans and First Responders that have dedicated their lives to make everyone’s life safer.

Please let Craig or myself know if someone is ill or have passed so we can send a card.
Be safe everyone. Sincerely,
Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – March 2023

I think we can all agree this winter has been a mild one and February weather was one for the record books. Well, March has started out a bit differently. And here we all thought winter was over, right? Not to worry, just 15 days ‘til spring. But keep those shovels handy.

Looking ahead, there’s a few tractor events not far off. The Slow Boys spring ride is April 1st. Check their website to download the official Ride Application form. It’s time to get the tractors ready to ride and show everyone! Be sure to watch the Greensheet for more upcoming events. If you have a suggestion for a club ride or another event let me know.

I want to remind everyone our next club meeting is at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall on Saturday, March 18, 2023 starting at 9:00 am. As of April, we will return to our regular meeting schedule on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 7:00 pm, at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall. Once again, I want to ask everyone to keep those dealing with an illness or have lost a loved one in your prayers. Please let me know so we can send a card from the Club members. I hope to see you on March 18th in Bonfield. Be careful and safe everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – February 2023

Another January has come and gone and there are only 48 days until spring. Time seems to fly by even faster when the winter is milder and the sun is up and the days get longer.

It’s time to check those calendars and always keep an eye on the Greensheet as events will be filling dates quick.

Every year in the upcoming weeks, we start planning on attending some toy shows, and fundraisers.

Let us know what we can put on our calendar for you. Don’t forget our 2023 winter months meeting schedule for February and March. Our next club meeting is February18, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. at the Bonfield

Lions Club. The March CIGC meeting will be the same time and the same place on March 18, 2023.

2023 Membership dues can still be paid. Bring them to a meeting or mail them to our P.O. Box 8, Bonfield, Illinois 60913. Bring a friend and your ideas or plans for future club events. Please keep those who are ill or have lost loved ones in your prayers.

I hope to see all of you at our upcoming meetings.
Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – January 2023

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. With plenty of free time now we can reminisce about another great year.

It sure did go by fast. Let’s get on with 2023 and make it better than 2022. Don’t forget to read the Greensheet concerning our winter meeting day and time that has changed. Be sure to highlight the third Saturday of January, February and March on your calendars.

I hope to see you at 9:00 a.m. on January 21, 2023 at the Bonfield
Lions Club Hall for our January membership meeting. Keep everyone that is experiencing health problems or has lost loved ones in your prayers.
Be safe everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – December 2022

If you don’t like a roller coaster then you probably don’t like the fall temps we’ve had. It seems like spring during the day and winter at night. I guess the best thing about it is every warm day we have gets us another day closer to spring. I hope everyone had a wonderful meal on Thanksgiving Day with
family or friends. Since Christmas is coming quickly I must remind everyone that the CIGC annual meeting and Christmas party will be on December 14th, 6:00 pm at the Bonfield Lions club hall. Don’t forget those items for the silent auction. It’s your meal ticket! Read the Greensheet for more details. Hope to see all of you there! Let’s keep everyone who have lost loved ones and those who are ill and unable to enjoy Christmas with us in our Prayers.

Be safe everyone and enjoy the holidays.
Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – November 2022

I hope everyone enjoyed the fall and have completed the harvest. Things moved along very quickly in the fields this year and the activities of October are just a memory. This year the fall colors came early and disappeared even faster as did the warm weather, too. So here we are in November, another busy month with Thanksgiving a few weeks away. We all have many things to be thankful for. Our homes, the bridges and roads we use every day, aren’t blown up and we didn’t have to maneuver the combine around craters left by bombs or missiles. We can thank our Veterans for our Freedom.
Be sure to honor our Veterans on November 11th. Bring your appetite to our potluck on the 16th. Hope you Rsvp’d!

Please don’t forget our Christmas party on December 14th. Keep in mind that the 14th is the second week of December. You’ll have to come to our November potluck meeting, read the Greensheet and emails for further details. Mark those calendars and start buying some items for the Christmas silent auction.

Be sure to remember those that have lost loved ones or are experiencing health issues.
Be safe everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

President’s Message – October 2022

I’m sure everyone has been a little chilled lately but it is fall time in October.

Do you remember what you were saying when it was 90 degrees? It’s all good and we have it much better than many living elsewhere. Harvest is moving along well as everyone hopes for and watch out for those farm vehicles. When you’re finished with harvesting there’s some homework to tend to. Since the trees are coloring a bit due to the frosty mornings and dry weather get your rakes ready. Trim back the perennials and water shrubs, trees and evergreens. It’s really dry. Evergreens need water year-round to survive and support that green when it’s this dry. Trees drop leaves but the roots are still growing and looking for nutrients and water. Chop up leaves and apply turf winterizer fertilizer. Sit down and read the greensheet Now back to the Club stuff. We picked up some new members at RTR and Rodney’s plow day this year which entitles them to our newsletter and enjoying our Club activities in 2022. We hope they will sign on with us in December to enjoy the 2023 events with us. Our October membership meeting is Oct 19, 2022 at Bonfield Lions Club Hall at 7:00 pm. Our annual November potluck is November 16, 2022 at Bonfield Lions Club Hall at 6:00 pm. Members may bring desserts the meal is furnished by the Club. RSVP by October 19th please and contact Ann Roach or Jim Moody. Keep in mind that our Christmas party will be at the Bonfield Lions Club Hall this year on December 14th. Please remember our families that have lost loved ones and everyone that is ill. I hope to see you all at our upcoming events. Stay alert when driving as farm traffic and Bambi’s are everywhere since it’s that time of year.

Dave Wehrmann