Craig’s Corner – November 2019

The first order of business is to thank everyone who sent cards, letters, emails, Facebook messages and to those who visited during my recent illness. I need to publicly thank my care taker and best friend Jan. I also need to thank Chuck Quick for taking care of my place while he is taking care of Cathy. Thanks Chuck. And last but not least, Mark Chapman whom without, I might not be here to thank any of you. Thank you Mark, I owe you a really big one. Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season and be thankful for all the friends we all have at Central Illinois Green Club.

PS. John Fulton and I attended the 2019 Kankakee Community College Foundation annual meeting on October 17th at KCC. The Foundation, established in 1969, raises monetary and in-kind gifts to present opportunities for students who likely are in need of assistance – namely scholarships to further their education. The new KCC President was introduced to the Foundation members, Mr. Michael Boyd, Ph. D. Our scholarship for those in the Agriculture and Horticulture areas were presented to Allison Pree and Juanita Welter. Ms. Pree sat at our table and introduced herself. She seemed to be a very worthwhile recipient. Ms. Welter was not able to attend. Some of the students spoke of their gratitude as recipients. I was very proud of Central Illinois Green Club to be able to help those wanting to further themselves. We are a part of a very good thing.

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