August 2017 President’s Message

I want to take an opportunity to thank Chuck Quick for setting up the Central Illinois Green Club display at the Kankakee County Fair. The display was top notch and represented the Club very well. I would also like to thank those who brought tractors and equipment to the display. Exhibitors were John Evans, Brad and John Fulton, Larry Quick, Ann Roach, Jerry Snedecore and Harley and Carol Buente. Thanks Chuck!

This month’s feature members are John and Diane Smolkovich. The Smolkovich’s are charter members of the Central Illinois Green Club and have lived and farmed in rural Cabery most of
their adult lives. John was born in Essex where is parents Ignace and Anna farmed. In 1942 their farm located on the road between Essex and South Wilmington (4000N Rd today) was bought by Peabody Coal causing the Smolkovich’s to relocate to Herscher, IL with their 11 children. John graduated from Herscher High School and soon joined the Army reserves (thank you for your service). He then worked at Caterpillar for a few years while building his farm and family.

Diane (Hoffman) Smolkovich grew up in the Cullom/ Kempton area and graduated from what is now called Tri Point High School. She is the oldest of 4 and attended St. Mary’s Nursing School in Kankakee. Diane worked at St Mary’s Hospital, Riverside Medical Center, the Fox Center for the Disabled and retired in 2010 with 39 years of service from Miller (thank you for your service too!). The Smolkovich’s have been married for 51 years and have 5 children whom all farm, 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

The Smolkovich’s have mostly John Deere antique tractors and farmed with them too. They have an A, B, G, D, N and an H. They also have a 400 Farmall which belonged to a neighbor. I asked which one is the favorite? John says it’s the G. John says that it got used a lot on his farm. It belonged to his dad. The Smolkovich’s say that they enjoyed the trips to Rockville Covered Bridges most but have participated in many other events such as the Party in the Park in South Wilmington, plowing at Rodney Schwark’s and Ride the River. Thanks for being members of the Central Illinois Green Club.
– Craig

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