President’s Message – March 2020

Hello Friends,
Here we are February 29,2020 and it will be 2024 before another CIGC President will send His or Her Presidents Message on February 29th again!!Who will it be??Anyway, March 1rst is here again and it’s supposed to be 55 degrees. Quite a treat😎 but there’s been a lot of ups and downs this winter. Remember the Groundhogs prediction? Or the old theory with the lamb and the lion in March? Keep those boots n gloves handy!!!

Speaking of March-
Just a quick reminder, the Kankakee County Farm Bureau has decided to have Kids Day at The Farm at the Northfields Square Mall in the old Sears section on the automotive side and appliance section on March 18-19 be there to help by 7:00-7:30am.

The March membership meeting is March 18 same time and place (Bonfield Lions).

I hope everyone noticed that I began with Hello Friends. I want everyone including non- members that read the Greensheet feel like our friends and are welcome to join us anytime. If possible, please pass on the Greensheet to everyone you can. This can only help this Club grow. This Club started when a group of Friends met and put it all together. It doesn’t matter what color tractor you cherish, we’re all about Friends and Family.

Take care everyone.

Dave Wehrmann

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