President’s Message – June 2022

Hello Members and Friends!
I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. I want to say Thank You to all Veterans who have served and those serving our Country and their families. And never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. So here we are in June already. I’m sure we can all agree this has been a challenging spring. As always things will get better.
We just have to think positive and keep on going. If it rains, sit back and read the Greensheet. There’s a lot of important things coming up to do. And if you are hungry check out Mary’s Good News and strap on the apron. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Our next membership meeting is June 15 @ 7:00pm @ the Bonfield Lions Cub Hall. Bring some friends with you. Don’t forget we have the RTR application forms.
Secure your spot early on another great ride. All proceeds support CIGC. Say a Prayer for those who have lost loved ones and our Members who can’t attend due to health issues. Stay safe everyone and I’ll see you on the 15th.

Dave Wehrmann

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