President’s Message – April 2023

It’s officially spring but it seems like winter as we still get some evenings in the 20’s. We’ve made it to April again so the planters will be rolling soon. Thankfully we’ve got a good amount of rain throughout the winter months. It should be a good start for germination when the soil warms up. It’s a great sight to see as the rows of seedlings start breaking ground and the fields seem to become endless rows of green again.

I want to remind everyone our April membership meeting will be Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00 pm, Bonfield Lions Club Hall. A Directors meeting will be April 12th at 6:00 pm. Craig’s Ranch and nourishment will be served.

We have many great events to look forward to this year. Keep an eye on the Greensheet as more are added all the time. Let Craig or myself know if you know of something we should add to our list.
Don’t forget the businesses advertising in the Greensheet. Give them a call before you shop anywhere else. Don’t forget, just the cost of a membership is all it takes to advertise all year. That also applies to For Sale or Wanted ads, (no commission!) either.

As we all carry on with our busy lives, let’s not forget those who no longer can join us at our meetings and events. No matter what they’ve contributed or continue to contribute to this Club, it will always be appreciated and never forgotten. Always remember to support our Veterans and First Responders that have dedicated their lives to make everyone’s life safer.

Please let Craig or myself know if someone is ill or have passed so we can send a card.
Be safe everyone. Sincerely,
Dave Wehrmann

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