Presidents Message 2014

To the Officers, Directors, and Members of the Central Illinois Green Club:

This all started with a meeting in November of 2002 with 40 people who loved tractors. One month later with 15 volunteer Directors we met to form our meeting plans, choose officers, and plan a newsletter.  In April of 2003 we had 55 members, and at one time reached 200 with an average of 170 over the past five years. The Club’s main objective is sharing, educating, and promoting the knowledge of antique tractors, farm machinery and collectibles.  In 2008 the first Ride the River was put together, and 4 rides later this club has raised over $37.000.00. This established our commitment to give back to the community, and help students with a desire to continue their studies in agriculture and horticulture.

My dream was to establish this club, and all of you have made that come true in a way far greater than I imagined.  I know that stepping down as President, it will continue to grow and fulfill the commitment we have made to our youth, communities and the presentation and knowledge of our antique tractors and farming.

Nancy and I have met many people along the way, and call many of them friends, as we do everyone sitting here tonight.  The many events that we have attended, participated in and conducted has given us that opportunity.

As you know this is not an easy thing to do, but I know we have built a strong foundation in our membership that will help this club to get bigger and better.

As I stand here to pass this gavel I am very proud of this club, it’s membership and all that we have accomplished. Nancy and I look forward to our new roles in the club with great pride.

I thank all of you from the very bottom of my heart for making one of my dreams come true.

John Evans
President 2002-2014
Central Illinois Green Club

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