One Year Ends and Another Begins

As a busy 2015 drew to a close and the members of the Central Illinois Green Club had much to reflect on.  Everyone started the year on a high note, but these feeling were often washed away by the extremely wet spring and early summer that much of Northern Illinois experienced.  In fact, many tractor shows were either canceled all together or had their events severely limited by the weather.  Everyone is hopeful that 2016 will be a better year for the crops as well as for enjoying the tractor drives and many shows in and around Northern Illinois.


The banquet held on December 16 at the American Legion in Herscher was a fitting way to close out 2015.  One high note was special recognition that Dale Armstrong received for selling the most peddle tractor raffle tickets.  He has always been a top seller, but this year he blew away the competition!  He also announced that he will be moving out of state.  This may give our peddle tractor raffle an even greater reach!

This year brings Ride the River 2016.  With 150 drivers enjoying the ride while fundraising money for 8 local FFA chapters, this year should turn our much brighter than last year.  Save August 27 for Ride the River and get your Registration Form in soon!  The annual Covered Bridge Tractor Ride is also being planned as well as many other local rides around the area.  Be sure to plan accordingly!!!

We hope this year will be a good one!

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