October 2017 President’s Message

Summer has really hung on a long time. As I write this I am wondering when will Fall arrive. Many of you are probably busy farming or helping farm. I just want to remind everyone that the combines and other equipment are out. If you are operating on the roadway with farm machinery you must have an SMV sign on all the equipment and if you are operating on the roads after dark you need emergency lighting. And of course, shut the machine off while you are working on it. Think of how much fuel you are going to save by shutting off the engine. Let’s be safe out there boys and girls.

On a different note, the Club ride was very good. I believe 16 tractors and 21 riders. The weather was perfect, the scenery was interesting and the company we had was great. Lunch in Herscher was very good as were Pearson’s Pastries. The trek took us 68 miles I am told through Kankakee, Will, Grundy and Livingston Counties. We may have even got to Ford, I’m not sure. We moved right along all day. Thanks to Jerry Snedecore and Jim Moody for planning a special day. Good job guys!

This month’s feature are long time members of CIGC Jack and Sharla Grosso. Jack grew up in Limestone Twp. Across the street from the new Limestone
Fire building. He attended Hawkins Grade School and later graduated from Herscher High School. He and his brother Joe own their father John’s business, Grosso Construction
located on Rt. 17. Jack says that his father John worked for Triangle Construction building roads, some as far away as Carbondale. He later opened his own business working such notable
projects such as Rt. 113, Rt. 17 and the excavation for Meadowview Shopping Center. John also ran a small repair shop, working on tractors, welding and general repair. John’s dad interestingly took 2 row planters and made them into 4 row planters. Needless to say, John learned to drive a truck at a young age and how to repair equipment. Jack adds that both his
Grandpa Grosso and his grandpa Ohrt farmed with mules here in Limestone Township. Jack says their business today consists of road maintenance, ditching for farmers and maintaining waterways. Jack and Sharla’s son Bob (John III) is part of the Grosso business. Bob also runs a trucking business of his own.

Sharla is also a home town person. Sharla grew up in West Kankakee (yes there really was a West Kankakee) and graduated from Kankakee High School. She worked for such notable companies as Dairy Queen, LeBeau GMC and Commonwealth Edison. Jack and Sharla have 2 sons, Bob and Bill who lives in Indianapolis and pilots for the United Postal Service (UPS). All
told, Grosso have 4 grandchildren. Sharla also told me of and interesting job she had working for the State of Illinois Survey Team. She and her companions would search areas for American Indian relics before any construction was allowed. Sharla work before the bike paths were added to the Kankakee River State Park digging and seining along the River. Along the way they found beads, stones such as ax heads and metal used by the Indians. She says it was quite easy to find. Sharla is also a quilter and a Genealogists.

I asked what was the couple’s most interesting thing to do. Sharla says they like to travel. They have been to Italy which was very interesting, France and Alaska. They have also been to Ireland as Sharla has some Irish heritage. She thought it was beautiful. But, their best trip was to Australia and New Zealand. She said it was interesting driving on the wrong side of the road from Sidney to Melbourne. Both were beaming so I am sure there is a lot more to the story.

Jack collects Allis Chalmers, Ford, Oliver and belongs to the Ford Ferguson Association. He likes to go to the Conventions. Jack says he has enjoyed CIGC, the tractor rides, the plow days and all of the places we have gone. Thanks Jack and Sharla for being members of CIGC. We enjoy your company. — Craig

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