May 2018 Presidents Message

Summer finally arrived in a big way. I don’t know when I have seen so much corn planted in such a little time. Hopefully everyone will finish planting by the next meeting so we can have some Tractor fun. There will be shows, rides and parades all summer long. Come join the fun. On April 25th the CIGC Directors met at my home. We discussed the Greensheet newsletter after
Kathy’s passing. I spoke to Mr. Weber directly who assures me that Weber Printing will continue to be our printer and that other employees will be stepping up to make it happen. At the Directors meeting we also talked about the slow sales on the pedal tractor and hay wagon and that we need to step that up at the Shows in order to meet our goals. That topic brought out a discussion on the locations that the trailer will be for the summer. We are sure that the trailer will be at OTFS, WCTA, the Veteran’s home and Pontiac. We encourage anyone who would like to bring it to any of the other shows to let Craig know. Speaking of OTFS, we have agreed to provide the Tractor Games on Saturday, June 30th around 2 pm after the pedal tractor pull. We will need a few helpers to set up and run the games. We will again leave from John Evan’s Home for the Vet’s Ride, more will be said at our meeting on times. I also need someone to take the trailer. The remainder of the evening was spent identifying tasks and assigning duties for Ride the River. Many of the Directors will have several duties that Club Members can help with. We will talk more about that as we get closer to the Ride. Lastly, we talked about possibly having another swap meet at the Evans farm in the Spring of ‘19.  –– Craig

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