July 2018 President’s Message

By the time you read your July Greensheet, July and the Summer will be one half over. Green Club members have been very busy. A large enough contingent went to the Covered Bridge Ride in Rockville, IN that CIGC was again the dominant Club and won the Club award. I have to say that as many times as I have been there, this was one of the best. The weather was cooperative, the tractors moved along well and we saw some new territory. If you haven’t been in a while you should consider it for next year. A few Shows have already occurred including Thee Olde Time Farm Show. Let me tell you it was the hottest show of the season in many ways. It was a Deere year and featured John Evans, Jim Hubly and Denny Jepson as the remaining founding members. John and Nancy brought 14 tractors and several garden tractors. The lot included John’s numbered series 40 through 80 with a couple of 70 diesels thrown in. Several other Club members’ remarkable tractors were also in attendance. The saw mill was up and running as was the sheller. CIGC provided a shortened version of Tractor Games as it was so blinking hot. Thanks to Club members Jerry Long, Les Piper and Dave Wehrmann for helping me in the heat and thanks to our participants. On Sunday the tractor pull was the big news. And a big thanks go out to those who braved the heat to work in our tent. The Bonfield 4th of July was also hotter than a firecracker, literally. While waiting for the parade we all got a little shower compliments of Mother Nature. The parade goers were not scared off by a little heat and humidity. Check out our Green Club Facebook page to see some of the smiling faces. The tractor pulls were very good and lasted till after 6 pm. A good time was had by all. I&I and Will County are up next. I still have no volunteers to man the trailer at either event. So, we should be working on donations to the Ride the River event. We have room for many, many more. Jim Moody and Carol are keeping the records of donations and riders and meals. I will be sending out personal thank you cards to all who donate so please make sure we have an address and a contact for the donation. We decided at the June meeting that members could bring a water donation to the July meeting to help offset some of the cost. The Directors will meet for the last time August 8th at 6 pm at my residence to put the final touches on Ride the River. PS Thanks to Chad Miller at the Kankakee Farm Bureau Office for the front-page coverage of the RTR event in the Farm Bureau News Paper.

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