December 2018 President’s Message

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by. By my estimation, 2017 was a blur. There are now more tractor related activities than ever and Green Club members are participating in almost every one locally and then some. Green Club started our year with selling raffles at the Peotone Toy Show, went on the include several guest speakers at our meetings and then came the “Tractor Season.” On nearly any given weekend there was a tractor show, a tractor pull, a tractor ride, somewhere within the reach of Green Club members. Members attended the Morris Tractor Ride, the Herscher Historical Ride, OTFS, Will County Thresherman’s, Penfield I&I Show, our own mini-show at the Kankakee County Fair and more in between. Then came the Half Century Show which by all estimations was the Greatest Tractor Show on Earth! Ok, so one of the greatest shows. Then came the Fall. There were more Antique Tractor Pulls and more participants that ever! This seems to be quite a trend and a direction that is enjoyed not only by us more mature folks, but did you see all those younger folks out there pulling. I hope we continue to support this. It seems likely that we like them tractors in motion, makin’ smoke and getting ‘er done.

2018 will be another busy year. There will be many rides and shows for CIGC members to attend. OTFS is featuring Charter Members and John Deere, Will County Thresherman’s have a new venue in Wilton Center and the National Oliver Show is in Penfield. Oh, did I mention the Central Illinois Green Club is having a tractor ride called “Ride the River.” Everyone, remember those Club members who have passed and have a “Safe and Joyous Holiday.” See everyone in the New Year and please, have a really good one.

This month’s feature is in remembrance of Leo Dumas who left us 1 year ago December 4th, 2016. Leo grew up in the Goodrich area the son of Paul Dumas who was also a farmer. Leo graduated from Herscher High School and began working for Legris Manufacturing located on Old Lehigh road right away. He met Dorothy “Dotty” Kamp from Chebanse, married and had 6 children. Sandy, Becky, Nancy, Judy, Karen and Suzie. They lived in Aroma Park, Manteno and finally settling in Goodrich. Leo grain farmed but also had cattle, hogs, chickens and rabbits. Becky tells Nancy, Judy, Karen and Suzie. They lived in Aroma Park, Manteno and finally settling in Goodrich. Leo grain farmed but also had cattle, hogs, chickens and rabbits. Becky tells us that they (the daughters) were his ranch hands, having to care for the animals and help run the farm. Becky tells us that Leo enjoyed his place in Sebring Florida very much and in later years couldn’t wait to get the crops out so he could go there. Leo enjoyed antiquing, helping his neighbors with projects and traveling to Hawaii. Leo also enjoyed his tractors in later years. He collected and restored several John Deeres including a 4020 that was left to him by the owner of Legris  Manufacturing. He rode it in the 2016 Herscher Parade and was very proud of it. Leo also owned and restored his dad’s International MTA. Mark Chapman a friend and Club member said that Leo kept good care of his equipment while farming and that Mark and his father Eldon purchased a 4450 at Leo’s farm sale. Mark says that Leo was pleased to see that something he had stayed where he could see it used. Mark also bought a John Deere 630 from Leo when he decided to downsize. Mark had a special connection with the tractor prior to Leo’s ownership. He is very happy to have made the purchase for 2 reasons.

John and Nancy Evans shared a memory which I had forgotten. Leo was a Charter member of CIGC. He was also a director in the beginning. At the beginning it became obvious that the Club needed a place to store all of its things and a way to bring them to the Shows. It was decided that a pull type trailer would be perfect for the job and one was selected. The problem was that being a young new Club, we did not have the cash to make the purchase. Leo stepped up and loaned the Club the money, interest free! Over time, the Club paid Leo and Dotty back. It has been a good purchase for the Club and still serves us well. Thanks Leo and & Dotty!

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