In Memory Of “Bruce’s Corner”

bruce_grafBruce Graf had been the editor of Central Illinois Green Club’s monthly publication called “The Greensheet” for many years.  Printed on green paper by a local printer, it is written, edited, laid out, and mailed to each member every month.  To this day it is coveted by members not only because it reports on the multitude of business covered at monthly meetings, but it also gives updates and reports on shows and events that have happened or are scheduled to happen in the near future.  It also has a calendar of future local events as well as items for sale from your neighbors that you never knew they had.  Sometimes there is even a tasty recipe to try!  Today “The Greensheet” is still mailed out, but only to members who do not receive it in electronic form via email.

Bruce said it best when in May of 2004 he wrote that “The Greensheet” reports not only the news of the Green Club and events to attend, but also news relating to antique farm equipment in general. It would be even better if there were more of the general interest information such as farm auctions, equipment sales, and upcoming events. The editor needs help from the membership in order to expand the coverage for the antique machinery enthusiast. The newsletter is not limited to one page and the editor actually enjoys the challenge of presenting this information in an accurate readable, and compact format!  Bruce created and made “The Greensheet” what it is today.  Everything from the format to the articles and classifieds had to meet his approval and receive his final touches.

Over time Bruce included quotes and even added an occasional comment or snippet of wisdom to “The Greensheet”.  When Bruce retired as editor of “The Greensheet” because of health reasons, many of his quotes continued to be reprinted in a section called “Bruce’s Corner.” These quotes have been enjoyed for a second time by many members over the last few years.  As the final issues of “The Greensheet” were prepared, “Bruce’s Corner” featured yet another poignant statement of that which describes the family of the Central Illinois Green Club.  He said DECEMBER – As I prepare for the years final “Greensheet”, I reminisce on the past two years of the Green Club and my involvement in the activities. I find myself very fortunate to become a part of this wonderful group of friends who have shown me some of a different lifestyle and attitude that my city upbringing was lacking. I enjoy the friendship and remain thankful to the Green Club for the experiences.

It is possible that reading “The Greensheet” is the greatest tribute that one can give to the work that Bruce put into the creation of the monthly publication.  That being said, we are sad to report that long time “Greensheet” editor and former Central Green Club Director Bruce Graf passed away on November 1, 2016. Bruce was a valued member that worked tirelessly to make the Central Illinois Green Club what it is today.  He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Our Friend!

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