August 2018 President’s Message

With only a few days left before Ride the River, there is still time to jump in here. We need sponsorships, riders and workers. I hope everyone has examined what they can do for the Club and feels the need to contribute. Recently we have added a ninth FFA Chapter in St. Anne, IL. We are now dividing by 9 all of the proceeds to the Chapters. It makes it that much more important to gather as many sponsors, riders and donations as possible.

On another note, I’m hoping everyone is having a great summer and has participated in some of the activities around us. Thanks to everyone who manned the Club trailer at Will County Thresherman’s and I am looking for whom ever may be taking it to Pontiac. The gathering of the Orange at Pontiac is a great opportunity for us to sell raffles and product there. Don’t forget that the 98th Herscher Parade is on September 3rd and you must send in an application. Some unfinished business of the Club will occur on Sept 2nd from 10 till 3 at the Herscher State Bank. The Wheels part of the Squeals and Wheels was rained out and our Club has agreed to help judge for them. No tractors this time as room may be an issue. Not long after the Labor Day has passed on September 8th we will be plowing at Rodney Schwark’s. Pray for rain and bring a plow and an appetite. I’m sure Rodney would appreciate some participation there. On September 9th is Ann’s tractor Ride in Beaverville and Pull in the Park in Chebanse starting at noon. I’m sure I have forgotten something but you all can remind me at the meeting August 15 in Bonfield. –– Craig

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